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Schedule Your Flu and COVID 19 Vaccines and RSV Protection

We have the flu vaccine available for all age groups.  We have limited availability of the 2023/24 COVID 19 Vaccine and RSV Prevention Injection.  Call our office today to schedule your child's appointment.  

After Hours Advice

If you have Alameda Alliance, please call:  1-888-433-1876

If you have Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal call 800-224-0336

 All other callers, please call: 510-931-4201.

After Hours Urgent Care is also available at 

Dignity Health.

Click here for more information.

COVID 19 Information

COVID 19 Free Testing Sites

Alameda County Public Health Listings

Order Free COVID 19 Home Tests - Available again Winter 2023

COVID 19 Vaccine Fact Sheet

Moderna 2023/24 Fact Sheet

Pfizer 2023/24 Fact Sheet

Click Here for More Information about COVID 19

Click Here to check the extended shelf-life expiration dates for your at-home COVID 19 test kits.

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